Monday, 17 March 2008


When asked to participate in a calendar to raise funds for the Amy Gillett Foundation, I was more than flattered. So on Wednesday, I travelled to Melbourne to parade in the not-always-flattering lycra. It was embarrassing to say the least, so while posing on a lazy chair; I kept telling myself it was for a good cause! It was a gorgeous day, so I spent some quality time on the beach, rode 15kms in flip-flops, and passed that as my training for the day. Later on, Alex and I took his neighbours dogs for a walk. By the first corner, we had removed three bags of fresh excrement from the base of near-by trees, not my favourite past-time. After dinner, dressed in the appropriate attire (pictured - wearing ugg-boots out of view), Alex took me for a spin on his motorbike. It was exciting, dangerous and appealing…until I burnt my left calf on the exhaust pipe, which has now bubbled at the surface and continuously excretes puss! Eww…

I fell asleep on the couch that night, but at least I was awake in time for training with Davo, unlike Alex. I gave him breakfast on the way by means of a jam sandwich from my back pocket, yet we still managed to miss motor pacing. When the outrageous heat calmed for the day, some crazy incentive saw me with the running shoes on for a jog around the block. The pain didn’t set in until I completed a solid gym session, whereby after, there wasn’t many muscles in my body that I wasn’t aware of! Organisation is required when I decide to have a good time, and as Sunday saw me starting back at camp, Saturday was my last opportunity to accomplish this. As an athlete, I feel guilty when sacrificing my training or recovery, so after a morning bunch ride, a 2hr sleep at eleven, and a 2hr sleep at eight, I cleared the sleep from my eyes and got ready to meet the girls (pictured)! Some dancing, good laughs, and a lengthy car-trip to Melbourne, and I was too close to Canberra for comfort.

Before and during a flight, it’s best not to read a novel about a group of amateur rugby players who survive a plane crash, and ten long weeks of endurance in the icy, desolate wastes of the Andes Mountains. Then, one by one, they are forced to eat the flesh of their friends to survive. With my skinfolds, I’m pretty sure the team would opt to eat me first! Back to the Altitude house with a new roomy in Sara Carrigan. Back to the AIS food hall with three buffet meals a day. And back to intense training with nine other girls here to endure the AIS Easter training camp. I was in no way disappointed that our first night was devoid of altitude, and that our first session was recovery at a choice time. After getting slightly lost with Carlee Taylor out on the bike, I’m now on my way to attend the official media launch of the 2008 Women’s AIS Road Team. Time to actually brush the hair, squeeze those abs, and paint on that smile! =)