Tuesday, 4 November 2008


For those of you that don't read cyclingnews (team launch: scroll to last item), and for those I am yet to catch up with since my return to Australia...newsflash...I am back on the track! It has been a long time coming since the disappointment of claiming third at the Junior World Track Championships in 2006, and two years of hesitation finally sees me making that step forward. I will be riding as a member of the newly formed UCI Track Team HP-Teschner, and am scheduled to race events ranging from the Revolution Series to World Cup races. Dicker Data takes on the role as our main sponsor, while Teschner Technologies Group (TTG) are on board as our principal equipment partner. With the assistance of High 5 Nutrition and Oakley eyewear, there is no doubt I have the means to a way of success this season!

Last week I had my first track session in over two years, and as I expected, it hurt! I am in LOVE with my new full-carbon monocoque 'Teschner Track Pro' bike, and can't wait to ride their new carbon wheel sets in two weeks, where I will be competing in the Oceania Track Cycling Championships in Adelaide. From here, I will fly back to Melbourne to race the boards with the best of them in the second round of the World Cup. It will be a tough ask to be back in peak racing form for these races, but I will do my best to help out fellow Australian team-mate Rochelle Gilmore. I had lost all love for the track, but I believe that with the help of Scott McGrory as head VIS track coach, I can find that love again and rip up the boards this season! :) For those headed to the Melbourne Cup today (pictured above at Traralgon Ladies day with Sharmayne, Angie and Skye), I hope you pick a winner!