Monday, 7 April 2014


Start: Dottignies, The Netherlands
Finish: Dottignies, The Netherland
Distance: 131km
Status: UCI 1.2
Team: Giorgia, Emily, Dani, Laura, Lotte and Rochelle
Staff: Franky, Jarrod, Pascal, Bart

I didn’t race today and I was glad for it. My legs were sore from yesterday and this week I have a five-day tour in Holland- the Energiewacht Tour. So while I had a day of leisure the team went and dominated at the GP Dottignes. Gio took our first UCI win of the season in a bunch kick so I’m sure the celebrations at the airport hotel will go long into the night!

Gio takes our first UCI Road win of the season!
Photo courtesy Bart Hazen