Tuesday, 1 January 2008


I must firstly start on a sad note by mentioning the passing of Ivan ‘Ike' Collings. May our thoughts be with his loving wife Lorraine over the New Year.

I’m not much of a Santa fan, and can only handle Christmas carols on the eve of the day. In the meantime my Mum likes to sport the flashing earrings while my Dad sets up the nativity under our tree or alternatively dresses up as the big man himself (don't let the picture fool you, he only weighs 77kgs). I suppose I’m only in the spirit when it comes to the presents, giving AND receiving. Although I hate surprises, there is nothing better than seeing presents wrapped under the tree and wondering which of them is meant for you. In our house, we never name our gifts, and when we do, you can guarantee that we were lying about who it was for. So this year I have to say I went a little overboard with my Christmas shopping, trying to even the amount spent on each sibling and parent, which in return put me over my limit. But nonetheless, I was very proud of what I gave, and very satisfied with what I was given, a special mention to my new 8GB Ipod Nano from Mum! Very spoilt... =)

But before Christmas day came, I ventured down to Amigo’s restaurant (where my younger sister Kerry works) for a massage class reunion. Originally our class size was close to 20, so when only 3 students showed for dinner we were slightly disappointed. We were moved from our table of 10 to a table of 6...embarrassing…and thanked god V (Veronica, our teacher) had bought her children to entertain us by performing the worm on the restaurant floor later that night. We had a great time reflecting on the memories that I’ll miss next year while studying via correspondence. Christmas Day this year was spent at Nan & Pop’s on my Mum’s side, as it has been in years prior. It was particularly special this year as it was the closest we have come to having the entire family there. To me Christmas has always meant pancakes, presents, lunch, desert, more presents, dinner and more desert, in that order.

So when the opportunity arose, we stole the boys away from their enticing game of cricket, and took some happy snaps. Pictured above from left to right; Rory and Angie (twin sister and partner, little Leila was sleeping), myself and Kerry (the singles) and Laura and Matt (brother and partner). My eldest sister and four children are absent, my Mum hates photos, and my Dad was called into work! So the New Year is here...welcome to 2008! Angie and Rory have headed to Wilson’s Promontory, while Matt and Laura are living it up in Venus Bay. It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated the night, I actually prefer to wake up and set an example for myself for the year to come about the same time that Kerry is returning home! I have just begun making new years resolutions, that task of course followed by writing this blog. But to name a few goals of mine...DRIVE, learn Italian, blog often and win Scotty’s race again! So I start the New Year feeling fit, healthy and very sunburnt. Happy New Year guys! Xx