Monday, 21 January 2008


In less than two weeks I will find myself venturing to Canberra to spend 17 days undergoing an AIS ‘survival’ camp. I call it ‘survival’ as it is based in Canberra, and anybody who returns from the state without a hammer and hook in hand to hang up the bike, has truly mastered some serious mental strength. I am wanting to go into the camp with some form, so although I came off Nationals to a recovery week, I still found myself out on my 3km nightly walk to burn off the extras I really shouldn’t have consumed at dinner. While out with my twin Angie we got a little excited and she alleged “let’s run...”. We broke into a slight jog for a whole of 3 steps before simultaneously shouting “let’s not!” Our intentions were good. A recovery week included a new hair colour (that's right...I've gone dark!), breakfast with Phil & Shan, a night out with Kristy, coffee with Jenny & Flem (my high school Math’s teacher) and the utilised day off for a blood test. Somehow I can’t bring myself to don lycra without something in the stomach, so I managed to skip on breakfast and juice one morning this year and venture to the testing centre.

The heavens didn’t assist with my lack of motivation over the weekend. On very little sleep I spent 3 hours too many riding in the rain on Saturday morning and 2 hours too many driving in it on Sunday on route to Glenvale. Had it not been for the ridiculous amount of food I had consumed at Phil’s BBQ the night before (some of which I burned with Shan at the park doing ab holds on the play equipment...before returning to further devour 3 desserts) then I would have skipped on feeling guilty and headed straight to the Victorian Track titles to support the Jayco VIS crew. Instead, feeling slightly overweight, I fronted on the start line at Glenvale to race just 7 other competitors who had shown for B grade. Don’t laugh; be envious that I got such a solid work out over the hour of racing! At least it was dry. My parents had made the journey to Lakes Entrance for the annual fun run (sneak peek of my childhood expeditions in Lakes here) and they weren't so lucky! My Dad and brother were sweep for the 10kms while my Mum walked away with the 'Mullens family handicap trophy'. I claimed the title in 2002-03 =) and in my opinion have been handicapped out of it ever since! No need to ask my family's opinion...