Friday, 2 May 2008


Saturday morning it rained, Sunday morning I froze, and Monday's gym session at the VIS was spoilt by the presence of the Collingwood football club. That night, it was time to celebrate the champions of 2007 at the VIS awards dinner. Leigh Howard was driving, and I was running 30 minutes late. I had a dilemma with shoes, and was borrowing from a friend whose foot happens to be two sizes larger than mine! This was fixed, but not easily, with double sided tape and a large wad of tissues! Walking was difficult, but somehow I managed six hours in those awkward heels. Michael Gallagher, Glen O'Shea and Cadel Evans were our Athlete's of the Year, while Leigh took home coaches favourite. From here, it was to the ice-cream stall, where Langas and I consumed three servings before heading downstairs to the casino.

It all started with $30 on the table, and after three hours playing 21, plus a $500 profit, we headed for a final dessert where Leigh shouted me my first ever Crispy Creme doughnut (pictured)! It was the standard glazed sort, quite thick, large and relatively soft in comparison to your normal Donut King treat. Was it all that I had built it up to be in my head? Almost =) Then there was the dilemma of trying to find our car in the parking lot. Although the staff lift offered four different level options, including the basement, a coat room, and the rubbish collection, none led to our exact location. But after a 30 minute hike, we were finally on our way home. Now it's a bit premature to get excited, but today I depart for the South Australian border! It doesn't sound all the invigorating at first, and usually a five hour drive would bore me, but Nicole, Chloe and I have prepared ourselves for a weekend road-trip! Get excited!!