Friday, 25 April 2008


…sleeping in, sunshine, friends, incredible scenery, arduous climbs, good food and no worries in the world… Smyth (Alex Smyth) was late to the airport, by the length of my sketchy flight home; 1hr20min. We were finally on our way to Bright, for what was a relatively ‘secret’ VIS training camp; seven boys and one girl. First up was falls creek. Just 200mtrs into the ride, my tyre blew. It was easily fixed with a $50 note in the lining, but that didn’t prevent the others from suffering a combined three punctures for the day! On the climb to Falls, PJ (Pete Johnstone) found reception and spent some time on his mobile, I cherished the long-awaited return of my SRM, and Howard (Leigh Howard) spent a good 25 mins waiting for us at the top! As Howard heads o/s soon, we allocated him head chef, with female assistance. Our chicken curry risotto was made difficult when he forgot the recipe, compelling us to estimate the quantity of ingredients, which is a dangerous situation when cooking for seven people! To say the least, it was successful.

Wednesday arrived, and while well fed and well clothed for morning departure, we made our way out to Harrietville where Mount Hotham beckoned. After the Meg, the mountain, and the monotonous descent, I hurried back for a warm shower. Shrek (Sean Finning) settled for the ice cold selection, while Langas (James Langendyk) opted to visit the caravan park across the road as we had run out of hot water! The following morning, after loading our bags in preparation for departure, we headed over Tawonga, Rosewhite and Buffalo, before some entertainment finally prevailed on the way back down. Langas hit into a corner too hard, headed for a brick wall, hit a pothole on his way, completed a forward flip and merely bruised his arse! After 7hours of travel, my arse wasn’t in great condition either. Smyth had got us lost on his way into Melbourne, twice, which meant that my head didn’t hit the pillow until after midnight. Sweet dreams overcame tiredness, as I knew I would wake to the sweet aroma of my Mum’s baked Anzac biscuits! And oh how sweet they were… =)