Wednesday, 19 September 2007


These past few weeks have seen me back to work, sweating it out in the gym, my head buried in school books and a lack of sleep thanks to social commitments. Two weeks back I visited my second home in Melbourne, more specifically the Smyth household, and walked the pier in Mornington for 2.5hours in very tall heels! Kathy Watt, Olympic gold medallist/professional photographer, took some nice shots along the beach for her portfolio. I’m still alive after three driving lessons believe it or not. The weather was treacherous for my second lesson and I actually rang to get my appointment changed I was that nervous! That wasn’t allowed so I’ve found myself looking at the weekly forecast and picking out the fine days to take lessons, this is dangerous business me behind the wheel.

Seeing as the walking was putting me in pain and the owners of the gym think I'm stalking them, I'm now back on the bike. My first day of training arrived on Monday, and I woke to the howling of wind and the sound of rain, typical for my re-introduction to cycling. I’m destined to hate upon the windtrainer a fair bit this season... Last Saturday saw my ‘farewell party’ from the night scene, now I’ll be in bed with prime possum I assume or babysitting my little niece instead of babysitting her mother while she’s drunk. A mega night, a little messy, but a prompt to my return to training. This weeks embarrassing moment: Having to purchase 660 individual Cadbury chocolate share packs from Safeway supermarket with a total price of $1650 and collecting the 5metre long docket! Most of you wouldn't understand...