Wednesday, 17 October 2007


A very misleading title as I didn’t even ride to work today! I woke early to meet my colleagues at the bike shop at 6am for a free egg and bacon breakfast at Vic Roads to fill the stomach for the day ahead. John Kitwood, manager of my bike shop Mallard Cycles, was riding for the first time. In fairly game style he decided to utilize the ease of cleats and as predicted decked it on the roundabout when forced to stop! As promised, the past week has been tiring with training and work taking place everyday. It didn’t take long for me to get used to waking early, dressing in lycra, eating out of a pocket, then showering for a mere 5 minutes before running to the bus stop as I‘ve failed to continue driving! With a week of training under the belt and some hopeful form Mum and I decided to make the trek to Bendigo on the weekend for the opening stage of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour.

A Saturday morning ride with the international male competitors had Berry and I complaining about the repetitiveness of their very sleazy and never original pick up lines! A women’s criterium was hosted on the Sunday thanks to Portfolio Partner’s and a small field of 19 fronted for the 20km race. I went out in the morning with Kate Bates and after trying to convince her to compete; I tested the course out myself, a small climb enough to make the race interesting. A few early attacks were unsuccessful until Jenny Machperson (Carnegie) broke clear with no reaction from the bunch. I tried my best to bridge the gap while taking caution on the tram tracks in an attempt to fulfil my two goals; be aggressive and stay upright! Pipa Read (St Kilda) escaped on the final lap to hold off Berry (VIS) who came home to win the bunch kick. I rolled in for 7th, very observant of the lack of power and speed in my legs!