Monday, 21 April 2008


My youngest sister Kerry, 17, has returned home with a dog. She came with no bed, no toy and no food, just a name…Sasha (pictured). She urinated in the kitchen, left her faeces at the base of the stairs, and tried to help me wash my bike, leaving her covered in grease stains. She is a 10-week old golden Labrador retriever, who is SUPPOSED to be gentle and intelligent, and respond well to praise and attention. The latter are obvious, so maybe the former will come eventually? Granted, she is gorgeous and we love her to pieces, but she will grow, and she will bark, and she will tear all of my existing shoes to pieces! So for this reason, when she is naughty, she adopts a middle name, making her our precious Sasha Jane =) Mum walks her, bathes her, and is trying to teach her the words bed, sit and NO! My Dad pampers her, allows her to sleep on the couch, and feeds her KFC! But, unfortunately, 3 days into her stay, I had to say goodbye.

It was a foggy Monday morning, so I wasn’t surprised when my flight to Canberra was delayed by the length of my journey; 1hour. I was impressed however, that the pilot was able to find 19 different ways to describe the weather, before giving us 3 different predictions as to what the sky would look like by lunch. Upon landing, I had 4hours in which to undergo skinfolds, Hb mass, lunch with Laura, gym with Ross, and a catch up with Dr. Dave, before returning to the airport, tired and suffering a severe headache. Two flights to Melbourne had been cancelled, but I managed to score a seat in an emergency aisle. When I stepped out onto the tarmac, approaching a small old plane capable of seating a mere 36, I couldn’t decide whether I was more concerned about the large external propellers, or where they could possibly have stored the light refreshments! I couldn’t sleep for two reasons; I was afraid of crashing, and my head was swelling as the groan of the propellers pierced through my ears…