Sunday, 6 April 2008


Last Sunday was a bad day in a lot of little ways. I was riding from Anna’s place in Heidelberg, carrying a 10kg back pack, with a text-book sticking into my lower back. I was joined a few kms in by...some guy...with whom I never exchanged names, as I was simply praying he would go on his merry way so that I could concentrate on not getting lost on my way to Glenvale racing. So, when I found myself on Brunswick Street, I knew I had gone too far and parted ways with the random cyclist. My brother Matt, was working as part of the construction crew for ‘Run for the Kids’. Somehow, among the 30 white tents and 30,000 runners, I found the marquee I was looking for, off loaded my bag, and started on my way down St Kilda Road. I had just started what was to be a 30km Time Trial when my brother called me. I dropped my phone, slammed the brakes on to retrieve it, and in the process, sliced my right shin on my pedal before finally salvaging my mobile with a plagued black screen.

I made it to racing on time to bare these hairy legs. The first three laps were difficult, trying to consume my breakfast by means of a chocolate Boost bar I had bought while entering, but from there racing ran smoothly. After warm scones, muffins and hot chocolate in front a cosy fireplace, my brother rings, to inform me that he had forgotten my bag in the city! So, after 3hrs in the car, 5hrs on the bike, and 7hrs in the knicks, I arrived back in Traralgon. In the last few days, I’ve sliced my left shin on a chair, been rained on, our town has lost power, and I listened to my Dad through the phone as he informed us that our second car had broken down roadside! So, while forced indoors due to 100km/hr winds, a lot of country road kill, and with a lot of time on my hands after putting aside everything I’m not keen on resorting to on the ‘things to do’ list, I baked some of Donna’s Ice Boy Brownies (pictured below). So, for two day's, I was stuck indoors with my new PJ’s, lots of food, and large amounts of study…life's unfair.

But the few days to come would prove a lot more productive. I shared the remainder of my brownies with the boys at work and headed down to Melbourne. Saturday saw me out in pitch black on the 'girl's only' VIS motor pace session (Pictured top: Chloe, Nicole and I). After returning from Arthur's seat, and politely informing the 7 males, who had jumped on the back for a quick tow home, that they would have to pull off, I feasted on pancakes and went home and crashed. Daylight's savings isn't an extra hour's sleep as most people insinuate, it's simply an extra hour longer that everybody remains awake for! It was confusing when I got up. I had put my phone clock back an hour, BUT had it done it again overnight? Had the clocks in the house been changed or not? I was on time to Glenvale =) The chill in the morning didn't last long so I left my thermal in Mulgrave to go for a pedal. After 4hours, I remembered that my $400 camera and $300 Ipod where still stuffed behind the portable toilets in the car park! Let's just say it was my lucky day...