Friday, 18 July 2008


The last of nine days finally approached, and I was happy to welcome it. Our team had raced well through the tour, with no causalities, and had come out almost unscathed (well actually that’s a blatant lie!). It was just another 118kms with seven laps of a 13km circuit, a small climb, some gutter action and surprisingly alright legs. It's not that nine days of racing doesn't take it's toll on your muscles (because believe me, even in groupetto I felt it!), but sometimes it takes more of a toll on other aspects of your body. It was eight consecutive days of isotonic sports drinks, power bar gels and nutella panini’s that had me feeling sick in the stomach. In fact, it had Carlee feeling somewhat similar, which called for a dose of gastrolite and ?? tablets, resolving the problem for a few days more than we would have liked!

Sara had a few bouts off the front, proving that nine days of racing doesn't even phase the Olympic champion!...while Carlee was left to be harassed by our policeman friend after finding herself poorly positioned off the back. It's such a relief to know that the tour is finally over and that I can look forward to maybe finding some form in the coming weeks. But before looking ahead, one must celebrate! So Carlee and I cruised into Varese to do some shopping, where I bought a Blackberry, a frappe, and headed home due to exhaustion! It wasn't until our new team-mates arrived in Josie Tomic (pictured above with Carlee), Leonie Burford and Rochelle Gilmore, that we had recovered enough to really celebrate, at a house BBQ in Castronno. I predict that our new introductions will not only bring results, but some classic memories!

Results: Giro Donne, Stage 8, Road Race, Desio - Desio, 118.5kms