Sunday, 27 July 2008


The last day of racing saw us with one aim, to steal the young rider jersey. Technically, we would try to earn it, but after losing another 22 seconds to the jersey yesterday, maybe stealing would be the only real way to obtain it! I punctured just minutes before the start, but was with the team when escorted by police to the start line on the outskirts of town. The race started uphill, with Josie taking her E.B instructions seriously, putting herself in the first three breaks before the first climb. It was here where I punctured again! A quick change and some rather ridiculously kamikazee moves through the convoy saw me chase back on to a single file peloton. I never realised how far a group of now 95 girls could stretch!

The rule goes, that the leader on GC at the end of each day earns rights to the first shower, and today was the first time I hadn't been on the radio surrending rights to a shower in a hope that Carlee would slow the pace on the climbs! This indicates that I may just have some form :D From here on, the Cat 2's were like bumps in the road until the Cat 1 split the field. Thirty girls made the cut, and another thirty were left chasing. It was no secret that Ruth, Carlee and I, still in front bunch, started to suffer as the race for GC unfolded. We had cards left to play to take the young rider jersey, but nothing in the legs to actually play those cards! So I followed the moves and tried to hold position on the, once again, uphill finish, riding into 13th on both the stage and GC.

When the tour was over our ghost town came to life...with confetti monuments, dodgy looking rides, stuffed toy stalls and a variety of food for me to celebrate the weekend with! The locals finally came out of hiding and the owners of the bar allowed us use of their barbeque for a festive dinner. The girls pitched in with the salad, while Marc (pictured above) perfected the meat and burnt the potatoes. It was a nice way to farewell Lou before her return to Australia, and to reminisce the happenings of the week. Despite having the time of my life, I'm eager to get back to Italy...where my bed is more comfortable than the wooden planks I've been sleeping on this past week!

Results: Tour Feminin en Limousin, Stage 4, Ste Feyre-Ste Feyre, 96kms