Friday, 25 July 2008


It had been somewhat of a sleepless night for some, with Marc falling through his fold out bed, Carlee kept awake due to my coughing fits, and the toilet still in high demand by Lou. I was excited for today, as it was considered the flattest of the three road stages consisting of three Cat 2’s and a Cat 1 climb. We were grateful that the half hour transfer took us away from St Sulpice Lauriere where we have been residing, to the smoother roads of Chassenon. Aside from a few solo attacks that were of no real danger, the race was relatively sedated. It’s a weird request, but I wish the race had been faster so as to avoid the final downpours of rain!

In the latter stages of the race, a combination of wet roads and quick descents saw four girls escape the bunch through an intermediate sprint. I didn’t envy them, and was happy to suffer to the finish in the midst of the peloton. I tried for the uphill sprint which was far from enjoyable but kept me out of trouble. Eight on the day, and now 13th on GC…it’s almost guaranteed I won’t be moving any higher than that after viewing the profile of the coming days! The girls were safely in the peloton with the exception of Josie, whose form will find her soon, and Lou, whose stomach lining we pray will return in no time! Carlee (pictured above) is our main prospect for the young rider jersey when we hit the hills tomorrow…but no pressure :D

Results: Tour Feminin en Limousin, Stage 2, Chassenon-Chassenon, 121kms