Saturday, 9 August 2008


On Monday, at 1am, we arrived home from Germany and Carlee couldn’t unlock her door. She went to turn on the hallway light and accidentally rang the doorbell, waking Olympic mountain biker Dallas Star! So Carlee decided to sleep over in my room…and from then on we have been inseparable, she has become the little voice in my head. We eat every meal together, synchronising our cooking so as to dine at the same time. We train together everyday, sometimes with the bunch, and other times just the two of us side-by-side, for up to 5 hours, in which time we become quite eccentric. We sit and wait out siesta (when all shops are closed) from 1-3pm, and then venture out on our 20kg townies to the shops. With 10psi in both tyres and poor seat height (pictured), we collect our weekly groceries in the front baskets!

We sit at our laptops, viewing our houses from the new ‘google streets’ so as we don’t forget what home looks like, then we sun bake, ice-bath and sun bake again, discussing our adventures we have planned on our return to Australia =) When I’m not daydreaming, I’m thinking about the pain in my knee from my crash in Germany. I took two days off this week in an attempt to speed up the healing process, and so far so good. When the weather is cool, my knee is no problem, so only the patches are depressing me. Showering is difficult, and in the heat of the day I have a serious need to itch it! But as of tomorrow, when we depart for Holland, I will start on the dry healing process and hope that the heat rash that has developed under these patches will fade…ewww…