Monday, 18 August 2008


It is now one week after Holland Hills, and one week before the Plouay World Cup, which means that the majority of my training block has passed, and the tapering is about to begin for my final road trip with the AIS this year. My training has been somewhat skewed by the track cycling at the Olympics however, and I find myself doing a few hours on the road in the morning, before completing efforts on the rollers in front of a miniature laptop screen. There was one case where I started training at 8am and didn’t finish until 4pm, because I had to have all of my energy focused on Cammy Meyer for his points score debut at the Olympics! Not only was it an awesome race, but he ran 4th. Despite our results, the Games make me that little bit more patriotic…and proud as punch to be an Aussie =)

After breakfast and lunch had revolved around the laptop screen for a solid week, we decided that dinner was an occasion for eating out. We joined the boys for dinner at Pietro’s (an Italian friend of the AIS) one night, and then claimed an all girls dinner in Varese to bid farewell to Josie (pictured above), who departed for home in Perth today in early preparation for the 2009 track season. We miss her already…although my gelati consumption will no doubt decrease from here on in. This coming weekend, Vicki, Tiff, Carlee, Leonie Burford and I will join forces with Rochelle Gilmore to tackle the French World Cup. Not only is it considered difficult terrain with 18 decent climbs over 120kms, but our competition couldn’t have better form post Olympic Games and pre-World Championships in September. Cross your fingers, legs and ears that I survive it!