Monday, 15 December 2008


After waking up feeling sore and sorry following my crash in the madison, and doubting the weather would hold up, I chose not to venture to Shepparton for Scotty’s Ride with the Stars. But even multiple downpours of rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the many who did show to honour the memory of Big Sexy. I had expected to be in Shepparton that afternoon, but rain managed to flood the local velodrome resulting in a cancellation of the much anticipated Scotty’s Track Night. So it was a day trip to the annual Scotty People’s race the following morning and as if Scotty was looking down on us, the heavens opened to provide us with howling wind and sunshine. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Scotty had prayed for those conditions himself…he loved it hard and he would be laughing at my subsequent tan lines.

Even if I had broken my arm in my madison crash…not starting still wasn't an option, even then Scotty would have told me to harden up! So I ignored my small insignificant injuries and fronted on the line. As soon as the neutral flag was dropped, the attacks were thrown down and the race was very deeply in the gutter. Being a female, I was caught in conversation at the back of the bunch and would presume that it was a long way to the front. Unfortunately I never made it that far, so I can't verify that statement, with the field of 200 being split into 7 groups before the 20 minute mark. I made fourth bunch and would have fallen further back if not for the help of Matt Jensen and fellow CCCC member Craig Porter. As the only female in my bunch, I was able to savour my victory and as you’d presume, think of Big Sexy. Zak Dempster took the men’s title in aggressive fashion, a result and race that Scotty would have loved to have been a part of.

For a second I thought that I had made it through the day without crying until I saw Scotty's mother Wendy after presentations. Conversation didn’t last long before the tears started to flow and all of a sudden I realised that nothing really needs to be said about Scotty, we all know how special he was and still is to those who were fortunate enough to meet him. So with my arms around such a strong minded woman I reflected on his infectious laughter in silence. I loved and respected that boy, and respect held for Scotty was obvious when the entire men’s podium donated their winning cheques straight back to the developing Scotty People’s Foundation. Although it doesn’t help to bring him back, he would be at ease to know that after his passing, he was still making a difference in this world.

Results: Scotty People’s Memorial Race, Shepparton, 120kms