Sunday, 21 December 2008


After the cancellation of Scotty’s Track Race, I was grateful that the fourth edition of the Revolution Track Series was to be run indoors at Hisense Arena. Although not a full house, the ambience was, as always, electric inside the track with the big names of cycling fronting to race. I rode alongside HP-Teschner team-mates Rochelle and Tiff (pictured) in the impressive women‘s field, with the aim of being aggressive through the night. A fast paced scratch race made attacks difficult and despite having surprisingly good legs following efforts the day prior, I still seem to be lacking that top end speed, resulting in 6th in a bunch sprint. Our 30 lap points score was pure madness, with a sprint every 5 laps! I competed in four of the sprints, claiming the minor points in each to give me 3rd in the final tally for what was an extremely anaerobic workout. It was unbelievably torturous but fun all the same.

A late night rolled into an early morning and I found myself at the media launch of the Jayco Bay Classic Criterium Series in Williamstown. I woke up to rain, and realised that my attire of white pants and a thin top perhaps wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made. After a small introduction and interview session I noticed how much of an underdog I was at these proceedings. With the likes of Robbie McEwen, Graeme Brown, Baden Cooke and Simon Gerrans I certainly felt out of place. For entertainment purposes, race organiser John Trevorrow had prearranged for paddle boat races to take place at the docks, for what turned out to be a very competitive and all-contact sport! I was partnered with my favourite professional cyclist Matt Wilson, and was determined not to let him down. A methodical approach to the race saw us run away paddle boat champions! My greatest victory to date :)

After defeating Simon Gerrans and Graeme Brown on the water, it was time to hit up the 52km Bendigo Christmas Road Handicap today. I started as a middle marker in a group of 10, which quickly dwindled as some struggled with the pace, and another dropped off the back when hit by a kangaroo! By the end of the first of two laps I was following the lead car, swapping off with 6 guys in a bunch of 20. The group splintered over the final climb and was headed by a break of 9 when the scratch mark chasers finally came into view. With 300m to go the catch was made and in similar fashion to the Bendigo Club Madison, I finished 2nd to Jarrod Moroni. Pizza and drinks during presentations were a prelude to ‘a drink or 50’ at the Bendigo Christmas get-together this afternoon. Christmas will be spent at home this year…breakfast in Traralgon, lunch with the family in Maffra, and an early date with my bed that night.

Results: Revolution Cycling Series, Race 4, Vodaphone Arena, Melbourne

* Image 1 courtesy of Dan Peters Photography
* Image 2 courtesy of Fyxomatosis Photography