Sunday, 17 February 2008


The developments in the land of altitude are coming along well. As we close in on our final days in the house, there is nothing but content for our departure. But prior to this, I celebrate my birthday...3 weeks early! To add to my collection of new materials on camp, I can now include my Shimano women’s mouldable shoes, Bell Sweep helmet, and a ridiculous amount of AIS and National team kit. More exciting than that would be our new trolley bags for travel, a gift from heaven and very lightweight to allow for additional excess! But even that has not come close to the highlight of my week that I’ll mention later. In the house: Nikki has clogged the toilet with paper towel and I accidentally spilt washing powder all over her bedroom floor. I find myself spending time in here between 5-7pm despite the health risks because...where am I supposed to go?! Out on the road: We had a pathetic low-life maniac throw a glass bottled cruiser out his car window! It sliced Spratty’s shoulder, and smashed Nikki’s knee before glass and alcohol covered us all.

That is me, pictured, seated on a kangaroo down by the lake. How patriotic hey? But to a more interesting topic...people...listen up...this is special. Compliments of Rochelle Gilmore and her kind hearted will to please; I attended the Crusty Demons show at Canberra Stadium last night!! And then, compliments of Nikki Egyed, I even had a hot outfit to accompany the date =) I tried to film as much as I could, and in fact filled my 1GB memory card. But after a while I said ‘screw you guys!’ as watching it through a lens isn’t very authentic nor anywhere near as exciting! The back flip and freestyle combos, the pancakes, and without doubt the attempted DOUBLE back flip made for some scary moments. The music, the fire, the crusty-babes and of course the junk food I purchased to pass the time between acts, made for a real night out. Remember people, I’m from Victoria and I’ve never even been to an AFL match! So this was big! I regret not purchasing any memorabilia, but at least I have about an hour of footage and 100 photos...obsessed!

We are almost back to a full house. Bird has returned home from a wedding she was attending in Tasmania, while Tiffany is still celebrating her time away from altitude in Adelaide. Carla’s boyfriend has made his final visit and our team mechanic Nicko has graced us with his presence. Also a new addition to the team come time for Europe will be Michel Vermande, assisting Wazza with coaching duties for the season. On a sadder note, Nikki has made two return flights to Melbourne in the last three days and is looking ahead to her third on Tuesday morning. She has been diagnosed with external iliac artery endofibrosis and unbeknown to most, this condition has mildly inhibited her performance over the past 12 months causing right leg numbness. In brief, it is a thickening of the major artery in her hip that restricts blood flow to her right leg and foot by about 50%. We wish Nikki the best recovery after her surgery on Tuesday, 11:30am, at John Falkner Hospital. Feel free to send through expensive flowers!! =)