Sunday, 10 February 2008


It seems ridiculous to look outside to sunshine, and know that I’m sitting on the top bunk at 3051mtrs altitude. As I’m writing this we are currently the winning room…you can tell we are athletes when we get competitive over metres in altitude! Not only is the house becoming a head crack, but so is the sight of Canberra. So it was decided upon, for our 3hrs recovery on Sunday, that we would head across the border to New South Wales. There are not even subtle differences to be noticed when crossing the border for a mere 15 minutes, but mentally, we needed an escape. We passed over identical terrain in identical weather before crossing back into ACT on our way to brew. After hot chocolate and a kip I decided it was time to hit the town. I had spent so long locked up (by choice) in this house and I began to wonder if I could even survive in the real world anymore! So it was off to the movies to admire Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in their new adventure comedy ‘Fool’s Gold’…rating 3 stars...

It seems that testing is quite the trend when you hold an AIS scholarship. After gym, while my muscles were politely asking for recovery, I treated them to yet another, much-loved 10minute Time Trial. This time I almost rode like I knew what I was doing, and with SRM data (on which I just had a a learner, soon to be expert!) on board I was secretly impressed with my average watts. But like I said, secretly, so I won’t be divulging any information until I crack this PB, hopefully in Geelong! To back it up, this morning we had Over 1’s testing as the second half of our power profile. I’m not sure weather it was the downpours of rain outside, or the house music I had provided for the session, but something motivated Spratty and I to wear half the rubber off our rear tyres on the trainer. Maybe next time we shouldn’t use the race wheels?? One PB that I will share with you is of my lactate, measured at 17.1 (up from 14.9)…maybe I’ve never truly worked hard before!