Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The first morning that we wake to sunshine proves to be our first scheduled indoor session. To add to the sunshine was my new ‘Teschner Diva’ frame decked out with a ‘Shimano Dura-ace’ group-set and SRM, ready to be ridden! I was quite excited as you can imagine but couldn’t quite part with the Bianchi, trading saddles so that I still feel at home. It was time to do some power profile testing in what we call an ‘Under 1’s’ session. This hour included sprints in the form of; 14 x 6secs, 5 x 15secs and 3 x 30secs as we all lined up side-by-side on the trainers. With a mere 14secs recovery between our 6secs sprints, it was no surprise that they were the hardest for the non-sprinters in the group! SRM data was taken and Carla and I became lactate buddies, chasing each others scores that ranged anywhere between 4-15. What was interesting was how Tiff and Bird’s lactate dropped through the session as mine continued to sky rocket to a PB of 14.9 =) Not a PB that I’ll be attempting to top anytime soon...maybe in the 30min TT test this week...

It was then off to the gym and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. We were required to mention our weaknesses, and I thought...where do I start? Out came the video camera as we went through a series of simple tests including lunges, squats and push-ups. The bulk of our session was spent using medicine balls with a considerable focus on our core. I made good use of my towel to wipe away the sweat and am currently stooped over to relieve the pain in my abs. Our gym instructor Ross Smith informed me that I won’t look like a man after this session =) In accordance with increasing my massiveness (believe it or not that is really a word!) I have been discussing nutrition practices with Louise Burke our sports nutritionist, and now have a guide that illustrates typical ways in which I can meet, but not over-compensate, my needs for protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals. THIS IS NOT A DIET! And with additional snack choices including wine, chocolate and ice-cream I’m hoping I can master this plan!

Rochelle has bought along her video camera so as in years to come; we can all look back and laugh at ourselves. She has now been upgraded to a pencil camera worn on the top of her helmet (pictured above). It may seem quite ridiculous (and it is!) but it was for a special temporary purpose at the racing tonight. Surprise, surprise it was Stromlo Park that we headed to, to compete in Canberra’s local Wednesday evening criterium. With women’s A grade racing on offer we fronted on the line with our numbers and decorative yellow arm-bands (pictured above) in tow. Wazza had split the 8 of us and placed us in teams on two. Rochelle and Tiffy, Spratty and Carla, Josie and Bird, and finally Nicki and I were to compete against one another on the open and windy circuit. To cut a long story short, there was a break including Tiff, Bird, Gracie Elvin (local), Rochelle, myself and Spratty, with the latter three rounding out the podium in that order. Tired? Yes I am.