Thursday, 14 February 2008


Light motor pace around the lake in the morning was a half-hearted attempt at saving our legs for the evening session. Our only wish was that the rain would hold off for the Canberra Cycling Club Criterium Championships! I righted some muscular problems through the day in Physio and finally determined what was wrong with my SRM before racing. We participated in Women‘s A grade but let the moves go and rolled in at the finish (all bar Nikki who opted for a decent warm-up claiming fourth). Next up was Men’s B Grade. We had a mission, and it was simple…win. If we weren’t going to win, we were going to podium. And if we didn’t podium, we were at least going to go out there and give the men a hard time. Mission successful? Well Rochelle finished third, and there were some serious complaints lodged against us, so I would say VERY successful =) (pictured: Tiff, Nikki, Rochelle, Spratty, Josie, Carla, Bird and I).

Spratty was in an early break with two men about twice her size, and as Dave would say ‘she looked like a little kid on Daddy’s wheel’. So they complained that we didn’t work when we made the breaks. Bridie had a dig not long after and I was able to counter half way through the race (which happened to be at 10mins as the race lasts a mere 20mins!) There was a slight chop in the process…so we were accused of being dangerous. As most attacks last up to 10 seconds, I put the head down for a full 30 and turned to find 3 guys in close company before a decent gap to the bunch. We were bought back with 2 laps remaining as Rochelle prepared for the finish. Unfortunately, in a downhill, headwind sprint, she found herself on the wheel of a massive guy who had a whole of 6 pedal strokes in his legs. She fought the wind and finished in third. We were deemed lazy and dangerous and I’m pretty sure we won’t be invited back! But thanks go to the few locals who did acknowledge us after the race with their approval.

Then it was Valentine’s Day! To those that sent messages, you’re sweet, but I don’t really believe in celebrating such a day past the casual ‘Good morning, happy V day.’ Heartless I know! On the opposite end of the scale, Rochelle received flowers and Carla had a visit from her boyfriend Andrew, love was in the air. So while some had commitments with their special partners, the remainder of us joined Louise for another cooking class where we perfected the famous AIS recipe ‘Rainbow Lasagne’ (pictured: Spratty and I). No Men were allowed in the kitchen and had it not been for the onset of stomach cramps I know I would have enjoyed it more. When it came time to view the pencil camera footage from last night’s criterium I was both eager and excited, especially about identifying the guy who had abused me from behind. Comments such as “I’ll put you down” and “you put me in the ******* gutter” had me wishing I HAD really put some of them into the gutter! But what happens on the bike stays on the bike.