Monday, 4 June 2007


What an exciting day! For Bel, her first International road victory. And for the team, a contributing factor to such success came hand in hand with the team's classification. I couldn’t have been happier if I had have taken the win myself, but in saying that I was ecstatic enough at running fifth! :) We were unsure of what to expect for our 71km road race, but the ‘Chinese block’ never came to mind! Vrienden van het Platteland held the GC, points and team's classification, responsibility was on their shoulders. I stayed close to Bel to keep her informed as having no radios meant that her final call was our team approach.

The Dutch train began with 1km remaining and those who were lucky enough to escape the grasp of the Chinese found themselves on it. With 400mtrs to go I went in chase of the three girls ahead with Bel on my wheel. As the Dutchy threw her hands in the air to celebrate, Bel threw to the line taking the win. Berry was forced to watch on in her hospital bed as the doctors continue to change their mind and have now taken her off antibiotics resorting back to problems with her gall bladder! Will it ever end? The worst for her is not knowing.

Results: Tour of Chong Ming Island, Stage 2, Chongxi, 70.8 kms