Sunday, 3 June 2007


The opening ceremony for the tour to come saw us front on the podium one man down. Berry remains in hospital and has been given antibiotics for spleen disorders. We were optimistic just the same for the 65km criterium around a flat 4km circuit. The crowds were absolutely huge as was the convoy following us. Bel managed to take some primes, placing her third GC after finishing fifth in the stage. Lou struggled as the attacks came fast with little recovery between; an average of 44km/hr.

Skye-Lee, 10th and myself, 7th did the majority of the work as Kate had been involved in an early crash which resulted in a 9 minute time penalty! After a hard day at the office we returned home to complete the standard routine. Lunch, hand washing and a nap before journeying to the hospital to liven Berry’s spirits. I ran some errands for her that afternoon and returned in the evening so we could watch the criterium highlights together. She’s one tough cookie.

Results: Tour of Chong Ming Island, Stage 1, Renshou Yatong Criterium, 65.6kms