Friday, 1 June 2007


Today we received our numbers before our first team meeting in preparation for the Time Trial tomorrow. Only four girls are to ride the course, a dead flat 20km loop that will see us contending with some strong winds. We were lucky enough (if that’s what you would call it) to enjoy a taxi ride around the course with our driver Mr Wu. He seemed like a jolly man but that didn't make driving through red lights at 100km/hr any less dangerous! Nor did it mean that we would allow him to light up a cigarette while in our company! However, we did allow him talk time on his mobile and a short stopover to re-fuel on food before dropping us back at the accommodation.

After some efforts in the rain, returning to lunch and completing my arduous hand washing, I strolled down the street with Kate, Lou and Berry. My first buy was a bag at $8AU, followed by a cookie at the bakery (pictured), which was across the road from the cute little bike shop (pictured). Then, while Berry was discretely being called a prostitute by some shop owners I bought a (now lucky) piggy necklace (despite the fact I was born in the year of the Dragon).

Kate and I may prove a little unprepared for racing tomorrow due to consuming about 4 pieces of beef at our welcoming dinner. As the only two available females in the team we have been titled ‘the singles’ and seem to be struggling to adapt to the provided food. Instead, we made our way down the street to invest in 20cent ice-creams. The dinner was perfect for 'Team ADT' bonding, it may be our last chance with Berry. Berry is not adapting at all. After consuming some wrong looking pork on the plane she has been admitted to hospital and placed on an IV drip. Tests are being performed as we speak and I will endeavour to report back as soon as the doctors have diagnosed her. We all send our best wishes! =)