Friday, 8 June 2007


Jess and I woke covered in glitter with full stomachs. We had enjoyed our last night out wandering the streets of Chongming for the final time, almost sad to be leaving but eagerly waiting our return home. We reflected on the week while cruising in a rickshaw then spent our remaining money on a fruit sundae :P Although we had been told there were no markets in Shanghai, we were determined to find them anyway. Our first so called 'market' turned out to be an expensive shopping plaza. We demanded better! So after picking up the driver's daughter, with her shopping expertise, we headed to a place we could barter...

We got LOST!! This place was huge and everything was dirt cheap. Needless to say we all ran out of money and were forced to borrow from Bill :) had we had more than an hour to shop god knows what excess costs we may have returned home with! I had a budget, which I blew, then my camera went dead during sightseeing on the way to the airport. On arrival we discovered that our flight to Sydney was scheduled for a stop-over in Melbourne, putting us Viccy's 7hours ahead of schedule. Berry and I spent the first part of the flight swapping bought underwear while Kate was picking up some handsome man ;) All seemed so perfect until Berry had pork on the plane again :(