Friday, 10 August 2007


It was disappointing to finally discover that the fights surfacing over the need to use the washing machine were in vain. You see the water on our farm is untreated... slightly filthy, so we're required to incorporate washing powder and a sterilised tablet to every load in order to prevent staining. It turns out that Dazza had in fact purchased sterilised tablets opposed to powder; therefore our clothes have undergone a heavy duty water wash in sterilised water, nothing more and nothing less. It's like hand washing your clothes all over again! So when we fronted on the podium for tonight's presentation evening of the Tour de Feminine, we were in fact wearing dirty kit :(

With such a healthy food and exercise routine I have started to lean up. When I flew to Canberra I was weighing in at 57.5kgs, now I'm down to 55, but judging by the dodgy scales in our current bathroom that may be wrong. Either way it's good for the morale! What wasn't good for the morale was witnessing the feast that Ath and her partner Graham cooked up after their return on Wednesday. All of a sudden my pasta, chicken and veggies were looking quite bland and I came to the conclusion that maybe I was wrong when I said I could manage without her? Back to good situations for the morale... Broso had taken us out for a motor pace session behind the car and aside from the loss of heartbeat when a deer jumped out in front of the wagon, I loved it :) Bad morale... the sprints I had done earlier in the session and the rain that dampened my ride home.

After consuming all of the remaining food in the fridge and stocking up on snack food for our 8-hour road trip, we cleaned the house and prepared for a 5am departure. After seating arguments had been resolved we started on our way and just 5-hours in (I think Broso was being cautious after the Michel incident) we met with 'Fecamp', our new home for the next few days. A few hours were wasted at the internet cafe in town while organisation of registration and accomodation went on. Fecamp, despite the queer name, turned out to be a beautiful beachside town. The shores, covered in stones, were lined further up the coast with white-walled Alabaster cliffs, so crepes and frites went down well that evening while seated on the Esplanade.

Our race style accomodation was exactly how it sounds. Three to a small room with semi-communal sink and showers, two of each between six athletes. After changing into dirty kit for a short ride, we then came home and showered to once again dress in dirty kit for team presentation. On discovering that preso's had been delayed for an hour, the thought of extra chamois time became unbearable and I was forced to change into appropriate underwear for an hour of relief. Despite wishes to remain on the water and watch the concert that had been organised on behalf of the athletes, we attended dinner. Ham, ham, ham, ham, ham!! With a side of potato and grated carrot we feasted on the provided pre-tour dinner. Can we not talk about it please? It upsets me.