Sunday, 19 August 2007


Josie and I had been allocated a double bed, my second time while on tour so we quickly stole the opportunity to swap with Ath who had been given two singles. We were in bed early... the next morning kind of early... at 3am! I woke oblivious to the fact that Josie had left at 6:30 for a 9am flight and was starvios, very overdue for breakfast. While the hotel was charging 11euro for a meal and the supermarket opposite was closed we set our sights on McDonalds. Picturing the luscious pancakes you see featured on commercial television at home we made our order. Now picture small pikelets with disposable jam in a squeezie sachet for the same price... we were devastated. So Bel and I scored some milk from reception and filled the spot with left-over cereals and snacks.

After 3-hours alone, where Bel had managed a sleep and I spent my time packing bags, Dazza returned to take us to Paris. He had supposedly dropped the girls at the station at 10am and ventured to set Broso and Ath on their journey to Italy. Instead, all 3 joined in on our Paris adventures. The weather prediction was correct, blue skies and sunshine would NOT be seen during our time in Paris, instead we were greeted with rain and wind so Bel and I, kitted out in team tracksuit, were keen for minimal sight-seeing. We started out with lunch along the 'Champs-Elyse' in view of the 'Arc de Triomphe'. A relatively long walk past expensive shopping arcades and 2 McDonald's bought us to the 'Louvre'. Had we been up to it, the 'Notre Dame' was next on the list but energy was wearing thin and the 'Eiffel Tower' was yet to be seen.

Finally we had arrived at a hideous looking steel structure. By now Ath and Broso had gone home and Dazza was walking the girls to the first floor via the stairs. On the second of four entrances Bel and I were waiting in queue for the lift. An hour and a half later, after we had been to the top and Kate merely to the first level, we were situated at the base looking up at the beautiful light-flashing feature in all its grandeur and magnificence... something worth the wait. The elegance and opulence of the detailed monuments I witnessed throughout the day simply blew me away; the history and legend behind every sculpture had me in awe. So the fact that we inhaled non-traditional chicken wraps and frites later this evening was slightly disgraceful of us. I haven't packed my bike or prepared for tomorrow, nor have I packed Bel's bike yet. It may be a late night... GOODBYE PARIS!