Friday, 24 August 2007


By the time the plane had landed I was barely excited to be home, the flight draining me of what energy I actually had left after an 8-day tour and a day in Paris. I was pleased to have purchased an item from all 3 airports I had visited on the way home. A 'Paris' mug for me and a 'Paris' lighter for my Dad at... you guessed it, Paris Airport. Then an overly large Starbucks mug for my younger sister at KL, of which I couldn't purchase and was forced to take willingly. And finally a stop-over in Melbourne International saw me walk away with some Clinique foundation for both myself and Mum, although I'm not sure she appreciated the 1.5hour wait on the other side of customs! I didn't buy for everybody... apologies. Physical damage: Migraine. Pain in upper, lower and mid back. Sore feet and shins from walking and very very dry skin when testing foundations.

I had no choice other than McDonald's for dinner on the drive home as nothing else was open. So I went the Deli Choice and afterwards wished I had've gone starvios. After 3 loads of washing and watching Kerry (younger sister) consume a rather large Milo from the Starbucks mug I headed to bed and can't begin to explain the feeling of returning after 7weeks, but I'll try... pure heaven! I've started to imagine what training solo again will feel like and whether I'll long for some company when I'm home alone. Will I turn to Ath to ask for cooking advice and realise she's not there? Or when I'm in need of guidance will I look to Dazza for one of his inspirational Deli-Lama quotes? I've since made some home visits, done some shopping, cooked 2 family dinners and even built my bike with the intentions of riding tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to be in class right now but school was cancelled for the day so I'm preparing for dinner with Big Jim and family, I love Aussie pizza!