Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Ath is not up for sale, trade or discussion as our swanny... but we did allow her to spend 5 days with her partner Graham. She has since returned to find that we survived without her and were happy to gain some independence and take on some responsibility for the week. We're trying desperately to entertain ourselves. Kate plays UNO with Tiff until she wins, while Dazza has shaved his head. Well Broso shaved it against Dazza's will and then left a rat's tail that looks utterly idiotic! We left it for a day and then it too said good riddance. It is quickly growing back. He sought revenge and had us undergo lessons on how to clean our bikes. Splashing around in soapy water and gumboots was more fun than I remember! I'll get him back while he's sleeping on a matress on the loungeroom floor...

We've had some unbelievably hot days whereby I had no choice but to cake the whole body in sunscreen, jeopardising my tanning time but preventing the likelihood of skin cancer. These are usually followed by a few cold days whereby the washing is to dry in our room. It's that time of our stay, just as we are almost preparing to leave, that we have settled into a routine. Walk's and stretching sessions have been incorporated into our daily regimes and everybody seems to have their head either buried in the pillow for an afternoon nap, or into a good book. I wait every morning for Broso to get reception so that I can receive updates on the Junior World Championships and it's good to know the Aussie's are riding well. Travis gold IP & Scratch, O'shea gold omnium, Palmer gold Kilo, TP boys gold, Josie World Record!

Our training days have been filled with time trial, power or sprint efforts whereby we generally sight a deer along the picturesque roads, something Dazza says is rare in France despite the evident warning signs. Generally we do extra's, sometimes by mistake when Dazza takes roads that aren't actually on the map or sometimes because Broso decides that 4.5hours in the rain is considered fun. Afternoon excursions are planned by Dazza with Chateau's, art shows and shopping complexes on the menu, although I often stay back to converse with my Mum for hours on end. The final member of our team for Tour de Feminine has finally arrived in Josie Loane. At 27, the Queenslander has joined us from the women's AIS squad, a breath of fresh air to the team bringing with her new stories.