Friday, 13 July 2007


Wazza and Greg joined us at 7am to farewell us at the airport. The morning had started off in poor fashion with the toaster and coffee machine out of order in the kitchen. My day got better however after our flight from Canberra landed in Sydney. On transferring to the international terminal I discovered $85 in cash on the ground, not bad for Friday the 13th!

While waiting for our Malaysian Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur to take-off I made some final calls. One to my Dad and one to my Mum that saw both of us shed a few tears. On arrival in KL I made use of the wireless internet at Starbucks to send a few emails and then waited in line with some very foul smelling coloured people for 2hours due to a delayed flight. At 3am AU time it meant we had been awake for 21hrs.