Thursday, 19 July 2007


We tried to remain positive throughout the day after a devastating occurrence this morning. During our team meeting Bel screamed ROOFUS! Initially I was confused before following her stare out the window to discover the spotted blur of our team mascot flying past our hotel and over our heads. We think Michel put the hard work on Daryl to rid Roofus of his Aussie ties. The wind and weather turned out beautiful once again so I slapped on the sunscreen to prevent the whole tan line profy cycling fixation. I was in a few moves in the first 20kms that went nowhere before Kate's aggressiveness eventually found her in a large break of 14. The break looked promising with only the yellow jersey chasing hard to bring the margin back enough to retain her lead, giving them 27 seconds.

The French love their loops, today being 122kms ending with 4 laps of a 7km circuit. With Kate up the road we were able to sit in, Lou unlucky to be caught behind a Lotto girl who broke her chain. She quickly recovered. Tiff covered all attacks before lining it up for a lead out in the final kms. I hit out with 600mtrs to go, lucky to stay out of trouble as simultaneously 6 girls came down REALLy hard behind us. I led into the final corner at 250mtrs and Bel came off my wheel to take 4th in the kick and 16th on the day. The rest of us cycling in safely and yes... I lost 30 places in 300mtrs. With an average of over 37k/hr it had been a hard day for Kate off the front. She admitted to being smashed and merely grovelling on the back, but we were all excited and impressed with her performance =)

Results: Tour de Bretagne Feminin, Stage 2, Pipriac - Pipriac, 122.6kms