Friday, 20 July 2007


Hotel changing time! This meant that we were to pack up our suitcases and be prepared to sit on eskys if we couldn't fit our luggage in. I decided to get my stuff down early before Bel's suitcase, nicknamed QE2, could run a riot in the back seat. On my way back up to the 5th floor I discovered Michel's suitcase in the corridor. He had gone to pay the bills and briefly left it unattended. I took control of the potential situation for a laugh and quickly steered his samsonite down to Daryl at the van. On return I couldn't believe how much funnier it was to see a tall, lanky Frenchman running out onto the street yelling for his suitcase than I had thought. A few harmless abusive words were shared as I leant out my window to inform him on the news. I'm sure he'll get me back.

We ate lunch with the competing teams today and were not all that pleased at the provided meal. I think I ate equivalent to a plate of potato and a whole baguette, not the best pre-race food going around. It was raining so we became worried that the usual 105psi that Daryl inflates our tyres to would become 95psi so we begged him not to deflate them. It was decided in team meeting that Lou and I were to get stuck into some EB (early break) action to gain some time for young rider jersey and even a stage win. It runs out that Lou was so overly motivated after her pre-race interview with a French reporter that she jumped up the road in the first 10kms of a 102km race... keen! She was soon joined by a team-mate of the yellow jersey, thankful to have some company on the road.

The glory ended after 60kms as they were bought back by the chasing bunch and destroyed by a counter attack from Karine Gautard of 'Vienne Futuroscope'. She took the stage by 10seconds with Tiff leading Kate out for 13th on the day. In the meantime at the top of the final QOM I had decided to puncture! It was a slow leak on my front from a noticeably large stone I had passed over a few kms prior. I had been waiting for it to occur. I made my way through the convoy to find a sizeable group of girls who had been shelled on the climb. Bel had been stuck behind wheels so we were able to tap it in with the hoop group for 6 laps of a 6.6km route. With 3 laps to go the familiar voice of Joel Pearson was yelling from the sideline. With brother and girlfriend on side they had journey from their residence 10kms down the road. I wish I could have put on a better show for them :(

Results: Tour de Bretagne Feminin, Stage 3, Yffiniac - Yffiniac, 102.1kms