Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Our first experience as the ‘Perform Group’ National team saw the five of us meet at the Canberra airport on Wednesday evening before venturing to the new AIS dining hall for dinner. It was here where we got our first chance to mingle and become enthusiastic about the weeks to come. Let me introduce you to our team members (from left to right). I‘m 19, an all rounder from country Victoria possessing some track experience. I also suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder…well inclinations. Kate Mercer, the first of three from the Sunshine Coast, possess’ vast strength on the bike and knows how to deliver on a climb. At 27 she is renown for her addiction to ’Sex and the City’ and chocolate. Ruth Corset, 33, is also from Queensland. With two beautiful girls, now 3 and 5, she has callous courage and speed up a climb. Although a new addition to cycling she is predicted to become the team’s mother figure. Belinda Goss, 23, is our most experienced member. The Tasmanian has the speed to steal victory and seems to draw inspiration from the most gorgeous of possessions, a young lion ‘Simba’.

Louise Kerr, the last of the Queenslanders, is less than a week from 20. Lou is relatively quirky, passionate about her Nintendo and has been labelled our time trial specialist. Tiffany Cromwell (not pictured), 19 on Friday, ventures from South Australia. What she lacks in size she makes up for in domestique ability and is notorious for unique fingernail designs and shopping dependence. With Michel Vermande and Paul Brosnan sharing coaching duties of the team while on tour, Warren McDonald will be our overseer. Also joining us will be the experienced and talkative mechanic Darryl McCulloch and newly on the scene Athalee Brown as our gorgeous soigneur.