Sunday, 15 July 2007


Bonsoir! In the wake of our French trip Michel has been taking us for language classes. It’s quite probable that we will learn very little and very slowly but he says it’s the effort they appreciate. I woke at 8am for one of two reasons. I may still be adjusting to the time difference or I could blame the staff for locking themselves out the night before (as they are staying in the stables).

They had been up since 4am, completed two walks and even driven to town to see if anything was open. As a last resort they woke us up wanting breakfast. Kate on the other hand wanted her chocolate, but a sudden urge at 5am saw her throw it in the bin. I often thought about retrieving it, instead Lou salvaged out Kate’s cycling socks that we had been laughing at the day prior, obviously she had taken it to heart and parted with them. We were adventurous on our ride today, trying to find a few hills for some intensity. We ride in silence to appreciate the scenery; houses carved into cliff walls, chateaus and local town features. I could have ridden all day it was that pretty but I was due home for my second ever massage, my first last year leaving me covered in bruises. Ath said I was ‘out of whack’ with a ‘tight arse’…but not in a good way.

We are living in a monastery varying in age from the 14th to the 19th century. Daryl could tell you a lot about history but I will tell you the cool facts. Access from the road to our home is via a drawbridge. The housing is surrounded by a waterway and possess’ a huge yard. The staff are forced to stay in the stables while we live it up with the washing machine, and the attic upstairs looks like it held capture a child in previous years.