Saturday, 28 July 2007


Let it be noted that Daryl seemed less inclined to spend his durable hours alone in the car park last night. At first I thought it may be heat or hunger, then it occurred to me that he's simply missing the company of both Roffus and Therme DS Yanika. Michel claims he saw her first, but Daryl has had the keen eye from the start, maybe it's love on tour?? We almost managed a direct drive to the race today, a feat in itslef. Not only did I wake up in the most favourite of my accomodations so far, but I voted that the small cobbled town where we started today was my favourite, so I was grateful to loop through the finish line numerous times. I was sitting third in the young rider classification at the start of the stage, 6 seconds down, so my job was to improve on that if the opportunity arose.

My legs felt 'juicy' so I was grateful today was the tour's flattest. Still 4 QOM's and 3 sprints with just the final climb seeing a split in the peloton. Tiff, Kate and I endured a brief chase to regain the leaders with 20kms to go while Lou made contact with the latter bunch. Bel recovered after some skilful work through the convoy before finding herself in some trouble with 5kms to race. It was here the field divided again as a group of 4 girls made their way off the front, another 2 followed and with 500 mtrs to race the 6 were still clear. A physical final corner approached quickly as did the rain. I found my way through wheels and launched for the uphill sprint to home, receiving 7th in the stage. Kate and Tiff were four seconds down in the peloton after a few attempts to get away with Lou also present, yet seeming mentally fatigued today. One more day to go! Does four days seem short to you?

Results: Tour Feminin en Limousin, Stage 3, Saint-Yrieix-La-Perche, 107 kms